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Closed room status on

Check how to set Your room(s) open

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In cases when the channel shows that the Room status is closed (in red), and especially if this option was set manually on the Booking Extranet before, it is necessary to adjust this before connecting to channel manager. You can check this on Your Extranet calendar.

Rentlio channel manager controls your Rooms to sell only, but your Room status can not be controlled by Rentlio.


On Your Booking Extranet it is necessary to open all rooms for a certain date or period, (preferably until the time when availability is added or You wish to add in Rentlio, but longer than that is even better) by selecting Rates & Availability > Open/close rooms > select the correct period and choose to open entire room:

Check rate planes too if needed:

After this, Your rooms status will be bookable (in green) on Your Booking Extranet:

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