There are two types of implementation:

  • by adding a RBE link to your website
  • by implementing RBE directly to your website via iFrame

Adding RBE links to your website

When you create your Booking Engine its link will appear below unit type name. Simply click on Copy URL to copy the entire link.

Next step is to paste your RBE link into your website. Par example, this simple line of code which contains RBE link will open a new window with Booking Engine when you click on Book now.

Implementing Rentlio Booking Engine via iFrame

Another way of adding RBEs to your website is by using iFrames. This means that Booking Engine will be displayed within the website itself, and clicking on it will not open a new window. Instead, Booking Engine will be displayed as part of your website.

When you click on Embed next to unit type name, a new field will appear. There you have to enter your website URL, or any other website you want to use RBE at. 

Important note: RBE can only be implemented on domains that use HTTPS protocol. Also, make sure to enter your main domain only without subpages:

When you do this step it is important to embed RBE into your website. You can do this on your own, or have the person in charge for your website do it for you. 

Pro Tip: inline frame can be defined with HTML tag <iframe>, and its line of programming code can contain the RBE link:

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