Bulk edit

Editing prices / availability / restrictions from a single entry

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Above the calendar you can find a bulk entry button that enables editing availability, prices and restrictions.

Bulk entry enables you:

  • single availability entry for more unit types at once

  • price editing for multiple rate plans and unit types in a single entry

  • single entry restrictions setting for multiple rate plans and unit types

  • all of the above in a single entry

Beside editing, increasing and decreasing, availability can also be reset. By reseting the availability it is set to its initial value and according current available units.

Bulk edit can also be carried out on unit type level. After clicking on the unit type name there is a possibility to chose multiple rate plans (active on the given unit type) on which you wish to apply rate changes or edit restrictions.

Also, by clicking on the rate plan name on the calendar there is a restriction entry option for a given rate plan.

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