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Moving and cancelling OTA reservations - unit type change
Moving and cancelling OTA reservations - unit type change

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Moving reservations from one unit type to another unit type is common part of the "room upgrade", which is why we offer the possibility of moving all reservations.

We especially emphasize that we do not recommend moving reservations received from OTA channels (online sales channels such as and we do not recommend canceling the same reservations directly through Rentlio.

Moving a reservation from one unit type to another unit type is however not disabled, as we do understand there are some situations when it is needed.

The change of unit type done on Rentlio by moving the reservation is not reflected on the reservation itself on the channel (reflects only on the availability on the channel), and as sales channels do not allow changing the room category on the reservation, so that someone would not, for example, misuse and intentionally harm the guest - therefore they prevent everyone from making changes to the channel.

It is important to emphasize that the system cannot communicate such changes to OTA channels, so it is recommended that reservations are moved as close as possible to the arrival date, when there is already a very low probability that the guest or the OTA channel itself will modify or cancel the reservation.

This is one of the reasons why, for example, hotels often do this upgrade at check-in.

Any modification of the reservation on the channel, by the guest, returns the reservation to the originally booked unit type / room category.

A potential problem that can cause incorrect availability is that if the reservation is moved within Rentlio to another unit type, and later canceled by the guest on the channel, availability will be re-opened on the channel end for that date on originally reserved unit type / room category.

  • In Rentlio, the moved OTA reservation will be canceled and availability will be released in the unit type where the reservation was moved

  • On the original unit type where we may already have another reservation, nothing has changed and the availability remains the same

  • At the time of cancellation, the originally reserved room category opens on the channel end

    💡Just as the OTA channel cannot receive information about changes in reservations from the PMS or channel manager, it cannot also send information about changes in availability to the channel manager or PMS. In this case, the Rentlio system cannot know that the availability has increased on

With such open availability, a new reservation can enter the originally booked unit type, and on which we may already have another reservation in the meantime, thus potentially create overbooking.

Given that the channel has the right to open for sales after canceling its reservation, we suggest upon receiving the cancellation of the reservation that was moved, to repeat the correct availability on the Rentlio calendar for both unit types, because in this way Rentlio will again update the availability on all of the channels.

Rentlio has a "night sync" functionality, in which an availability update is automatically sent every night for all properties, all units and all days to all channels, precisely to correct such potential differences between PMS and OTA channels. However, it should be borne in mind that overbooking can still occur in the period between one such modification or cancellation and the moment of night sync.

An additional risk is brought by the so-called "autoreplenishment" where the OTA channel automatically adds +1 availability on its side in case of release of dates (e.g. cancellation of reservation).

Important note:'s autoreplenishment functionality cannot be turned off. If reservations are moved, it is recommended to check the availability on the extranet after each modification or cancellation of such a reservation, and if necessary manually correct the availability on Rentlio so that it is correctly sent to the channels.

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