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eVisitor Account
Connecting eVisitor account with Rentlio
Connecting eVisitor account with Rentlio

All you need to know in order to activate guest registration directly from Rentlio

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Before starting check if the automatic guest check-out is set on eVisitor account itself by logging in your eVisitor account directly on the web site then in the top main horizontal menu bar click on object, subsequently on the bottom of the page verify if there is a check mark near the option automatic guest check-out. If not, click on edit and put the check mark and save changes:

You can now start with connecting your eVisitor account with Rentlio.

Go back to Rentlio, in the main menu bar on the left chose integrations and open eVisitor tab. Click on new user account.

Fill in with the following data ( this data is entered once and it's purpose is the initial connection of your Rentlio account with your eVisitor account), in case data updates is required it is editable:

  1. User name - information provided by your local Tourist Board in order to access your eVisitor account = PIN (personal identification number / OIB)

  2. Password - access password also provided by your local Tourist Board

  3. Object ID - It is necessary to enter the numeric object ID in Rentlio which you will find on eVisitor website > on top of the main horizontal menu bar click on Objects and after selecting your object a label will appear that you have to copy in Rentlio object ID field:

  4. eVisitor account label - internal label / name of your eVisitor account which is connected to your Rentlio account. This feature is useful in case you have more than one eVisitor accounts connected to one object in Rentlio. With the help of this label/name you are able to distinguish accounts upon guest registration.

Once you have added the eVisitor account in Rentlio test the connection between Rentlio and eVisitor by clicking on Test connection on the right side of your eVisitor account added to Rentlio.

What if I use more than one eVisitor account for the same object?

More eVisitor accounts can be connected on one Rentlio user account. The process is the same, feel free to proceed by adding extra accounts. Upon guest registration you chose the corresponding eVisitor account.

Now that you've learned how to connect one or more eVisitor accounts, read instruction on how to scan the guest's ID through your Rentlio mobile app.

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