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How to create a rate plan in Rentlio (Occupancy based)?
How to create a rate plan in Rentlio (Occupancy based)?

Instructions on how to create rate plan depending on number of guests

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Before creating a Rentlio rate plan with prices per night depending on the number of people, please check the following:

- correctly and arbitrarily entered capacity in Rentlio settings of unit types;

- check the pricing model of the property on the channel if new rate plan will be

later mapped to the channel manager. If necessary, please first request OTA

support to switch Your property to OBP pricing model;

- If Your Booking property is already connected via Rentlio channel manager our

support team can change Pricing model for Your Booking property in order to map

Rentlio OBP plan with Booking.

Important: In order to map OBP rate plans with OTA (Agoda, Booking, Expedia) OBP pricing model should be set on both Rentlio and OTA end.

Our support team can switch Your Booking pricing model.

Mapping the OBP price list to the Airbnb connection is not recommended, because the channel does not accurately show the prices set in Rentlio, and in that case, when the guest searches for a certain period, the same price is displayed for all overnight stays, even though it may be different by day.

A new rate plan in Rentlio is created through the rate plans settings, by selecting:

Propery settings > Rate plans > + Add new rate plan

Enter rate plan first, and then select the type of price list Per person.

You then choose how to manage prices for a standard number of people. You can choose between options manually or automatically. Manual management assumes that you will enter the prices for a standard number of people manually, directly on the Rentlio calendar once You save this rate plan. Automatic management means that the price for the standard number of people will be derived from another (main) rate plan and automatically displayed on the calendar.

In both cases, after creating and saving the rate plan, prices for additional persons will need to be added or edited directly on the Rentlio calendar.

Fill in also other input fields in the rate plan settings as desired, apply to the unit type by selecting them with a check mark and save the rate plan.

This is followed by checking, entering and / or editing prices, manually, directly on the Rentlio calendar. You will notice a new line in the calendar for the standard number of people, and clicking on the arrow to the left of the rate plan name opens a drop-down menu with additional lines, depending on the number of additional people. All subsequent changes can be made through the price list settings and directly on the calendar.

*If other occupancy rates are not visible, please, choose to show them on Your Rentlio calendar settings.

By clicking on the name of the unit type or on the individual rate plan, a menu opens on the right where you can edit the data for different periods, add price and price-per-person derivations in relation to the standard occupancy, as well as restrictions.

Here's a video on how to edit calendar data for an extended period of time:

The price can later be edited in the same way, but also by selecting a field on the calendar to change the price for a specific day, a specific person:

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