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How to create new rate plan in Rentlio (Per Day)?
How to create new rate plan in Rentlio (Per Day)?

Find out how to create a rate plan with daily prices regardless of the number of people

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When adding a property, after you have assigned units to the corresponding unit types, a Standard rate will be automatically created for you, which can be used to add prices per room directly on the Rentlio calendar. If necessary, you can create more rate plans.

In this article, we will describe how to create an additional, new rate plan per room with daily prices regardless of the number of people. To get started, click on Property settings and then go to Rates and click on Add new rate.

First, give a name to your new rate plan (for example: Short stay). After naming you'll have an option how you would like to manage this rate plan. If you select Manually, then you'll need to input all the prices by yourself and Automatic represents the way where the price is synchronously lowered or increased related from Standard rate.

Select the Automatic and then, just below, from the drop down menu select Standard rate. Once you've selected relation, you can set the decrease or increase (- or +) from Standard rate and certain percentage (%) of fixed nominal value (EUR).

For example, if you want create non refundable rate plan then you can set decrease by x % and later on calendar you'll set minimal stay restriction.

How do you want to manage restrictions?

There are two options for managing restrictions: Manually and Mirror from the parent.

If you want to have the same restrictions from Standard rate, then you can select Mirror from the parent. You can check out how to create a rate plan with mirrored restrictions on.

If you don't need this option then you can select Manually. Later we'll see how you'll set the restrictions on calendar

Once, everything is set you can click on which room types you want to apply new rate plan and then click Save.

When the rate plan is created and manually managing of the restrictions on, you need go to calendar to setup the desiring restrictions. Click on the small black triangle beside of the name of the rate plan and you'll see expanded view of all restrictions on that rate plan. Clicking on the Min stay will open on the right side panel where you'll be able to insert the date range and min stay value (let say 3 days).

TIP: Please be advised to enter the availability, price and restrictions until the same date. The best option is to enter these values till the end of the current year.

NOTE: Restrictions such as Stop sell and Min./max advance reservation applies only form RCM (Rentlio channel manager connection). For other channels you need to se those restrictions on channel.

The whole process described above you can see in this video (pro tip: right click on video and then select open in new tab to see larger preview).


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