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How is the RBE reservations fee charged?
How is the RBE reservations fee charged?

RBE reservations fee charge and billing information

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The charge of reservation fee for direct reservations received via new Rentlio Booking Engine has started. This refers to reservations received directly from Your own website, and only realized reservations, booked after March 1st 2021.

How and when the fee is charged, read below.

To whom does the charge apply?

- The charge applies to users that have activated the new Rentlio Booking Engine (RBE).

For which reservations is a fee applicable?

- Payment refers to realized reservations, booked only via Rentlio Booking Engine after March 1st 2021.

Which reservations will not be charged?

- This fee will not be charged for RBE reservations booked prior to March 1st 2021.

- This fee will not be charged if RBE reservations (booked after March 1st 2021) are canceled before the day of guest's arrival.

- This fee will not be charged for reservations received in Rentlio via other sales channels (OTA channels, manual reservation entry ... )

When is the fee charged?

- The fee is charged at the beginning of the month, for all RBE reservations with the day of arrival in the previous month.

- The monthly RBE fee invoice will contain one item with the total fee amount for the previous month.


1. RBE reservation received on Jan 3rd 2022, with arrival date March 26th 2022. The fee for this reservation will be charged at the beginning of April.

2. RBE reservation received on March 12th 2022, with arrival date July 17th 2022.

The fee for this reservation will be charged at the beginning of August.

For both examples, a fee will be charged if the reservation is active / confirmed on the day the fee is calculated. In case of no show and necessary cancellation of the reservation on the day of arrival of the guest, feel free to report to our customer support through the chat reservation ID of the canceled reservation in order to remove that reservation from the commission calculation.

How much are the fees on RBE reservations?

- Rentlio charges a 2 % commission fee (VAT excluded) of a total reservation amount (Gross Booking).

Where do I find Rentlio Fee Invoices?

- Find Your Fee invoices on the Rentlio subscription invoices list under Billing information.

How to filter all reservations, booked via Rentlio Booking Engine?

- Under Reservations list filter reservations using period and "Rentlio Booking Engine" sales channel filter option. You can specify the list to show only confirmed reservation using status filter too.

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