Inside Rentlio Booking Engine settings there are now two payment methods You can use for RBE reservations charge.


You need to be registered to Monri (provide RBE link for the registration) and use Your API key and Authenticity token.

Save settings and check-mark Monri as payment method.

The guest will add his credit card details on the final step to confirm his booking on Your Web page; a Monri pop-up window will open so he can accept all details and complete the booking process.

Reservation will appear on Your Rentlio calendar, with an option to charge the reservation amount manually.


For Stripe the process is the same as above explained, simply add Your Secret API key and Published API key on Rentlio Booking Engine settings.

Once activated, the payment method can be selected and used on RBE.

On Your Rentlio calendar, You will be able to charge the card:

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