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Channel manager connection Rentlio + Agoda
Channel manager connection Rentlio + Agoda

A step by step guide to connect your Rentlio and Agoda property

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After successfully setting up your property in Rentlio and completing all the necessary steps to activate Channel Manager (CM), follow these tips to connect your Rentlio property to Agoda.

First, it would be necessary to assign Rentlio as designated channel manager provider on Agoda end, please ask Agoda support for the help.

The connection process

  1. Choose Property Settings > Channel manager and click on the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the Agoda field;

  2. After clicking on (+) sign, on the next screen please enter Agoda ID;

  3. By submitting the ID, automatic e-mail request is sent to Agoda, and once Agoda approves the connection, You will receive an e-mail and You can complete the process on Rentlio by clicking the little pencil icon next to the channel name;

On the next screen click blue Continue button.

The following is a mapping process, so on the next screen:

  • Pair Agoda unit types and rate plans with Rentlio unit types and rate plans and confirm;

  • Confirm whether or not you want to import a reservations from Aagoda in Rentlio;

  • Confirm all actions and that's it 👏🏻

Please after this is completed check on the Agoda calendar that everything is synced correctly.

If you need to edit or change anything later or disconnect the connection, you can select the option Edit by clicking on the pencil that is left above the connected channel;

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