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RBE redirection to a Wix website
RBE redirection to a Wix website

How to integrate RBE into your Wix website

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This help article is focused on setting up redirection from website created using to Rentlio Booking Engine. We will focus on redirection flow, for design and layout please consult appropriate documentation.

For documentation purposes, examples are show on Modern Hotel template on Instructions are in the video.

Code that you have to copy when video instructs you:

import wixLocation from 'wix-location';
function getDateString (date) {
return date.getDate().toString() + '-' + (date.getMonth() + 1).toString() + '-' + date.getFullYear().toString();
export function redirectToRentlio(event) {
// Instead of <slug> enter your slug from Booking engine settings
const rbeUrl = 'https://<slug>'
// Change #from to match value
var from = $w('#from').value;
// Change #to to match value
var to = $w('#to').value;
// Change #adults to match value
var adults = $w('#adults').value;
var fromString = getDateString(from)
var toString = getDateString(to)
let fullUrl = rbeUrl + '?from=' + fromString + '&to=' + toString + '&adults=' + adults

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