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Rentlio Booking Engine
How to set up Rentlio Booking Engine (RBE)?
How to set up Rentlio Booking Engine (RBE)?

Learn how to set up your RBE and start receiving instant reservations from your website

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Rentlio Booking Engine (RBE) enables you to receive instantly confirmed reservations directly from your website in a simple, fast and secure way. Every reservation received through RBE is automatically synced with your Calendar, and with all connected online channels. Before guests makes a reservation they have to enter their credit card details as a guarantee, just like on any online channel.

In this article, we will describe the creation process and for more help see the example video below.

Creating your Rentlio Booking Engine

In order to successfully create RBE you have to set up your property Unit types and rate plans first, within the property settings.

If You wish to use Occupancy Based pricing for RBE, it is important to have occupancy correctly set inside Rentlio unit types as well as the OBP rate plan created.

To create RBE, select Property Settings > Booking Engine.

For a start, you need to activate RBE by clicking on the blue button Enable Booking Engine. By activating RBE, additional settings will appear on the Unit types / Rate plans settings that are related to RBE. You first access the general settings screen, where you fill in the required fields as desired. You can choose now to set the RBE link (that you will have at the end of the process) public and you can always un-publish it at the same place.

When filling out the data, on the right you will notice a list indicating what information is required to set in order for the RBE to be ready for use and publicly available. If any step is not completed, a warning will be displayed and you will have an Edit option that guides you to the next necessary steps.

Important terms and additional clarifications:

BOOKING ENGINE LANGUAGES: RBE can be multilingual; simply select the desired languages ​​from the drop-down menu You wish to have on Your Booking Engine, as well as set which of them to be the initial (main) language, that will be the default language on your website and other the guests can choose to switch.

SUBDOMAIN is an additional part to your main domain. You can choose to name it using name of your property. Make sure that the name is written in lower case, without spaces, and can be with a hyphen: propertyname or property-name;

Once you have filled in all the fields of the general settings, you proceed to the Unit types settings. In case a message is displayed stating that RBE is not ready, you need to update the Unit type settings by clicking Edit (separately for each Unit type) which takes you to the next step, the screen to edit the unit type settings for RBE.

On the next screen, below the Unit type, there is a section Booking engine settings in which capacity, additional rules and amenities for your Unit types are edited, photos attached (min. 1 photo), 1 MB max. size.

Unit type capacity should be set correctly for creation and use of OBP rate plan.

Once everything is done, checkmark the unit types to continue.

You then access the RBE Rate plans settings. Below the rate plans list there is also Rentlio Booking Engine Cancellation Policy where rules, terms of cancellation and billing dynamics can be added if needed. Select the rate plan(s) you want to use on the web page and, if necessary, the cancellation policy.

At the end, if You wish, You can create Promo codes, choose additional services, payment method, as well as Terms & conditions which will be visible to the guest when booking your accommodation.

Once all the conditions and required data are met - the RBE link is ready.

Here are some RBE examples:

Hotel example:;
Hostel example:;
Vacation rental example: and

Multi-property manager example:

You know how to create Rentlio Booking Engine, now learn:

Important notice:

We are still working on some Booking Engine upgrades, among which the most important ones are:

  • special packages feature (eg. Valentine's deal - 3-night stay + dinner + bottle of champaign)

  • Google Hotels Ads integration that will additionally boost your online presence

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