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How to add a new Rentlio rate plan for Airbnb connection
How to add a new Rentlio rate plan for Airbnb connection

Find out how to add different rate plan on Airbnb connection

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Once you have created new Rentlio plan which will serve you only for this channel you need to map it on connection to apply new prices.

Go to Property settings once you click on the name of your property in the right upper corner and then Channel manager. Click on the small pen icon on Airbnb connection to edit it.

Here you can see how your room types and rate plans are mapped. To change the mapping of the rate plan click on Remap rates. On the left side you have Rentlio rate plans and on the right side you have Airbnb rate plan.

Be aware that Airbnb have the possibility of mapping only one rate plan which means one Rentlio rate plan should be equal to Airbnb Standard rate.

Remove the existing mapping by clicking on the x by Standard rate:

after that, click on the dropdown menu by the new rate plan, on the right side to select Standard Rate. Doing this, you are changing the position of the Airbnb standard rate to the new Rentlio rate plan.

Click on Save mapping.

Now you can check your calendar on Airbnb to see are the prices correctly sent from the new rate plan.

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