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Setting up promotions for Airbnb
Setting up promotions for Airbnb

How to set up promotions for Airbnb through Rentlio

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Discounts and promotions that you would usually set up directly on your Airbnb profile through Seasonal rules, you can now also do through Rentlio.

Within the Airbnb connectivity settings on Rentlio, it's possible to set a discounts (Seasonal rules) for your listings. To edit them, please select the update pencil next to the Airbnb connection on the list of connected channels:

The following is a step-by-step overview of creating promotions through Rentlio:

Step 1 - Once you have entered the connection settings for Airbnb you will see the setting for Seasonal rules on the right side of the page, by clicking on Configure rules you start creating a new rule/promotion:

Step 2 - Click on Add new rule to create a new rule:

Step 3 - Select the promotion/s you want and edit the settings as needed:

Step 4 - Select the listing in the drop-down selection in the time period within you want to set the promotion to be valid and save the changes:

You can also update or remove all created promotions later, through the Airbnb connection settings on Rentlio.

The set promotion will be automatically updated on your Airbnb profile, where you also have the option to edit and delete it.

PRO TIP: It's not possible to set more promotions for the same time period, while of course you can have more for different periods.

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