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How to customize the calendar view to your preferences

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The biggest change is the ability to set different settings to show availability, units, rate plans and restrictions. In this article, we will explain the ability to customize these calendar settings for two different views.

Why should I set up two different views?

By setting separate settings for each of the two views and selecting one or the other, we can view the calendar with the data selected and set as desired, and then with one click on the other view, expand or limit the contents of the calendar to other / additional data. For example, one view shows prices, availability and restrictions (channel manager view), while the other only shows units with reservations (room plan view). We use one view that contains the most commonly needed data, and if necessary we can easily switch to another by clicking on the name above the calendar. More details about Rentlio calendar, check here.

How do I set up different views?

In this example, we will set in Figure 1 the units, availability and standard price list visible, and from the offered restrictions, select with a tick that we always want to have the minimum stay visible visible. We immediately see changes on the calendar depending on the settings we are editing. At the very bottom of the menu, all settings can be reset by clicking Cancel View and we can update them again as desired.

Important: Team rights for team members have an impact on the final layout of the calendar, depending on which rights are assigned to the main Rentlio account.

By opening calendar settings sidebar menu you have an option to choose normal (monthly) and zoomed (weekly) view.

To edit another view, select View 2 above the calendar and then the settings icon. In this example, we will make only the units with reservations visible by simply turning off the Show availability option.

If the display of units is on and we turn off the display of availability and price list, we see only units and associated reservations on the calendar.

These two settings are interdependent, both can be turned on or one turned off, but the other is automatically turned on in that case. Additionally, within the Show availability and prices settings, we can show or hide price lists (Standard and others) and their associated restrictions.

Room plan view

When the display settings are set and by selecting one or the other display by clicking on the name above the calendar, we change the layout according to the settings of each.

Creating additional price lists and price list visibility settings on the settings

In this example, we will show how to set up a calendar layout with visible standard price lists, visible added price lists and without them.

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