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How to create new rate plan with mirror restrictions on
How to create new rate plan with mirror restrictions on

Mirror restrictions from Standard rate in just three seconds

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The whole process described here you can see on video down below the article

Mirror restrictions is the new functionality while creating new rate plans. With this functionality you can easily copy all restrictions from Standard rate to one or more rate plans.

If you want to crate new rate plan where all restrictions from main rate plan will be visible you can do it like this:

Go to you Property setting by clicking on the name of you property in the right upper corner and then go to Rates

Now click on Add new rate and name it ( in our example Non refundable) with Automatic management of your rates with the source Standard rate. After you set all values as the way you want it, select the Mirror from parent and this option will apply all restriction from parent rate.

Be sure to click on Save Rate.

All restriction that you apply after will be mirrored to Non- refundable.

IMPORTANT: You can notice small lock icon on Non refundable rate plan. This means that all restriction you want to do you have to do it on Standard rate.

The whole process explain above you can see on this video (pro tip: click right click on it and the go to Open Link in New Tab for wider view).

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