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Rentlio channel manager - edit Airbnb settings
Rentlio channel manager - edit Airbnb settings

How to edit Airbnb settings after connecting to a Rentlio channel manager

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If you have created email templates in your Rentlio account which you wish to send towards your Airbnb guests, firstly you will need to enable that same option within your Airbnb profile:

After connecting your Airbnb to the Rentlio channel manager, some settings will not be possible to edit on the Airbnb channel.

Within the Airbnb connectivity settings on Rentlio, it's possible to set a discounts (Seasonal rules) for your listings. To edit them, please select the update pen next to the Airbnb connection on the list of connected channels:

The mentioned setting is on the right:

Settings such as extra guest fee, standard fees and charges, booking settings, etc. will be disabled for editing on the Airbnb profile. Example of disabled settings editing on Airbnb:

In order to edit settings, it would be necessary to shortly stop the sync with Rentlio channel manager and set the desired changes on the channel.

First go to your Rentlio and within Airbnb connection settings > click on stop sync next to the linked listing > edit settings directly on Airbnb > reactivate synchronization on Rentlio by clicking on sync > approve listing by clicking on retry.

Step 1, stop sync on Rentlio:

After this step, edit settings on Airbnb channel, the editing option will than be enabled on Airbnb:

Step 2, once everything is set up, reactivate sync on Rentlio:

Step 3, listing approval:

Final appearance after changed settings:

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