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Wondering how to keep track of your team's activity?

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Activity log allows you having an insight into the activities performed within your Rentlio application at any time. You can access it here. There are two fundamental reasons why you will visit the activity log:

  • When you want to explore the details of a particular action occurred in Rentlio

  • When you find that a particular action failed to successfully update connected OTAs


Start your search by filtering out what you know to narrow down the number of events and find the event you're looking for. For example, you noticed that the nightly price of reservation you have just received for your apartment is too low. Reservation is received via  for period 01.-04.05. By checking your Rentlio calendar you realise that the price for the first half of May is lower than you set it about two weeks ago. Now you want to find out who and when changed the price in the meantime. With information you posses, you can narrow down your search to find the exact event of a price change. You know what dates the price change event affected (01.-04.05) and you can start your search by selecting these dates within Affected button at the top. Unit type to which the price change applies is the Seaview apartment, and the event you are looking for is a Price update. When you have selected all the filters you are familiar with, click the Apply Filter button. You can now easily find the event you were looking for in the filter list. Watch the video:

This is the event you are looking for. It is visible that on 17.04. at 12:52 standard rate was decreased by 10%. If event is marked with green ring if change was successfully updated on the related OTA channels. A failed sync attempt will be edged in red.

By opening the event details, you can see if the change sent from Rentlio was successfully updated on a particular OTA channel. If so, the event will contain a green dot. If the update has not passed through, the dot will be red. By clicking on the API Response, you can read why OTA channel was unable to process the change sent from Rentlio.

If you want to check events related to the particular reservation, you can make use of the search engine available in the upper right corner.


This is the very first version of the activity log. Only events of price, availability or restriction change are displayed, as well as any new, modified, canceled or moved reservation. In the upcoming iterations, we will enhance the user experience of managing the activity log and add variety of new events such as tracking logging in and out of Rentlio, billing events, updating guest details, etc.

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