By clicking on each reservation card you can see it's details. A blue field indicates the guests check in and check out. You can see the accommodation price and the average price for an overnight stay. You can also see editable guest informations and other options, such as: services, invoices, email templates.

If you want to cancel your reservation you can do it by clicking on the red box to cancel the reservation, which is at the bottom of the page, just above the Reservation ID and Rentlio ID view.

Clicking on the "+" speed dial icon brings you additional options:

Edit reservation - the ability to edit a reservation

Add guest manually - the ability to add one or more guests

Add credit card - Enter guest card information

Mark as paid / unpaid - when you indicate that the guest has paid the displayed accommodation price green and at the bottom of the page it says "paid ☑️"

Check in / check out - when you click "check in" in the blue box, the bookmark changes to "checked in". When you click on "check out" in the blue field, the bookmarks change to "checked out"

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