After you have succesfully set up your property in Rentlio and did all the neccessary steps for activating a channel manager follow these steps to connect your Rentlio property with Airbnb listing. 

In case you are switching from another channel manager to Rentlio, please read here how to disconnect from your previous channel manager. 

• Go to Property settings > Channel manager and click the "plus sign" in the upper right corner of the Airbnb box:

• After clicking the "plus sign" you will enter a Airbnb connection wizard that will guide you through the channel manager connection process step by step:

• The first step of a connection wizard will redirect you to your Airbnb profile where you should authorize Rentlio to communicate with your Airbnb profile by clicking Allow after thicking I agree to the Airbnb Additional Terms of Service box:

• After authorizing Rentlio you will be redirected back to Rentlio connection wizard; you should pair (map) your Airbnb listings with your Rentlio unit types now:

• After you have successfully mapped your Airbnb listings with your Rentlio unit types you will be able to import all reservations from your Airbnb profile to Rentlio; if you don't want to import reservations at this step you will be able to that later as well:

• The last screen of our connection wizard will give you a status overview for each paired (mapped) listing; in case some of your listings have status failed under Sync, Approved or Published column, you need to click on a Sync / Retry / List red button under corresponding listing. The connection is established only when all of the categories have green check-mark.

If you need to edit or change anything later, you can select the option Edit by clicking on the pencil that is left above the connected channel;

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