Cash register

Cash register

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Cash register option enables you to keep track of cash in and cash out for everyone who are required to have information abut their cash register.

Step number one is activating the option of Cash register. You will find this option on the left hand menu under Integrations icon. Once you are in Integrations, you will find the option of Cash register on the main menu tab. If you wish to activate the option click YES.

You will notice there is an option of entering the Initial state in the currency you require. Initial state is actually the final state of your cash register from the day before and you have to enter in order to migrate from one software solution you were using for cash register, to the one in Rentlio.

Once this option is set up, it will be possible to reach the option of cash register on the main menu sidebar, by clicking on the DOLLAR icon.

Once activated, the cash register will automatically document every invoice issued from Rentlio. You have the option of adding cash in and cash out, manually as well.
An example for this would be taking the money from the cash register to lodge it in the bank account. 

Cash register has three reports: daily, weekly and monthly repot which are all available in PDF format.

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