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How to issue an offer for accommodation from Rentlio

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A lot of guests still like to book accommodation directly at the property via telephone or e-mail. To facilitate communication with them we have released issuing offers from Rentlio in just a few clicks.

When someone makes an inquiry you have to check if requested period is available. We will use an example to explain, let's say that a potential guest wants to make a reservation from June 15th to June 19th. You can check if requested dates are available in two ways:

  1. By searching available dates through Rentlio search. On top left part of Rentlio click on search box, enter requested dates and Rentlio will display all available units. If You have more properties, You can filter specific one also. By clicking on "+" next to unit name you can immediately create a reservation. Take a look at the example video further down :)

 2. By checking on the Calendar. Simply open June on the Calendar and check if you have any available units.

When you've found a free unit for the period guest wants to book the best way forward is to enter a reservation and set its status to Option until you receive a final confirmation. After that, you can issue an offer directly from the Calendar. Just click on the reservation (with status Option) and select Offer. You can later switch option to confirmed reservation.


There is another way to issue offers directly from Invoices screen; however you will have to create an offer manually (by typing guest details, adding items to the offer, writing notes etc). If you issue an offer via Invoices screen it will not be connected to any reservation on the Calendar, so issuing it will not create a reservation on the Calendar. 

Pro tip: we always suggest to use the first option for creating offers (enter reservation with status "option" and issue an offer from it). By doing so you have a lesser chance to forget about the guest's inquiry.

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