There are a few steps that have to be completed before activating the option of Channel Manager and some include communicating with our customer support while others can be completed by yourself in the application.


It is important to highlight the currency setup as the primary currency in Rentlio must match the currencies set up on all other channels you are planing to connect in channel manager.  

Activating Rentlio Channel Manager

You can find the Channel Manager option if you click on the Property Settings under the name of your property.

Once you have clicked on this option a new window will appear and you will select the option of Channel Manager

There are 5 mandatory steps needed in order to activate channel manager:

  • Property - enter your property details (name, address, telephone number etc)
  • Unit types - adding unit types to Rentlio
  • Units - assigning your units (rooms) to unit types
  • Rates and availability - rates and availability have to be entered for each unit type. Once the connection has been activated, the information you have set up in your Rentlio account will be automatically reflected on the channel you have connected to, therefore it is really important for the availability, prices and minimal stay to be inserted correctly as these will be the information your guests will see when confirming a potential reservation. 
  • Reservations - you should enter existing reservations from all the channels you are advertising on to Rentlio, except reservations made directly on and Airbnb, because we will copy them automatically for you once connected. If you have some reservations booked directly, or have private reservations that weren't received through any of the channels (e.g. old guests want to book their stay contacting you vie email or phone directly), those reservations have to be inserted manually as well before the connection with channels has been initiated.

On Channel Manager tab you will see which steps as  completed successfully (they are marked with a ✅). Uncompleted steps are greyed-out. If you are still unsure what each step represents simply click on it to see detailed instructions.

Once all steps are completed you are ready to activate the option by clicking on the blue button "Activate channel manager"

Connecting an online travel agency / channel
The last step left is to send a request for a channel you wish to connect to which will submit connection requests. To submit a connection request simply find the channel  on the list, click on ➕on top right and follow instructions.

Make sure to enter the correct ID number requested.

 Types of connections available

There are two types of connections: full / two-way connection (syncs rates and availability + reservations) and one-way iCal connection. Learn the differences and check which channel supports which type of connection.  

Once you submit a connection request you are not yet connected to the channel as we have to complete s few steps from our side in order to successfully connect.  We will contact you within one working day with instructions. 

>> In order to prepare the channel for connecting to Rentlio a few steps have to be prepared from your side. Here are the instructions on how to prepare conditions for for Booking and Expedia connection. 

In case you need any help, feel free to get in touch via support chat.

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