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Learn how to set up minimum stay restrictions

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Minimum stay restriction limits availability by specifying a number of nights that must be booked for stays. For example, setting a minimum stay of 3 nights will disable one and two night bookings for that period. Only guests searching accommodation for 3 or more nights will be able to book accommodation at your property.

You can access the minimum stay setting directly on your calendar. Click on the arrow next to the price list name and drop-down menu to open and edit the minimum stay restriction by selecting it from the list (or by clicking the pencil).

In the right side menu that opens when You select a calendar restriction, You can edit the minimum stay for a specific period by marking the start and end dates and simply enter the number of minimum nights in the box provided. You can choose which days the changes apply, or extract days of the week that you may not want to apply restriction for. After each action, remember to click the Save button to save your changes. For all of these changes, a simpler way of removing set restrictions is enabled - it is sufficient in the menu to remove the set settings for a certain period of time - by clicking Remove at the bottom of the menu.

Here's an example of the process described above:

Note: a value zero (0) or one (1) means that there is no restriction on the minimum stay for that date and guests can book one night. In case that you have created promotion on the channel, make sure that you set min stay settings as you wish to have for that promotion as well. If you do not choose the min stay restriction, the channel will simply not apply any. 

When you select rate (standard rate) from left menu you can also edit minimum stay and prices.

By clicking on unit type name on the calendar, you will be able to adjust availability, price and restrictions.

The difference between Min stay and Min Stay Arrival is this:
> Min Stay = Guest staying at the property on this day must stay for at least X days regardless of check-in.
> Min Stay Arrival = Guest arriving on this day must stay in the property for at least X days.

This Min Stay Arrival option is often used for properties that want better capacity control (such as weekends / weekdays) or in situations where some services such as cleaning or check-in / out are not available on certain days of the week.

For example, if you do not have the opportunity to accompany the guest on Sundays, You can set the 'No check-out for Sunday' rule.
Minimum Stay Arrival for Saturday can then be set to 2 so that any guest who chooses to come on Saturday stays at least until Monday, while your other days may have a normal Min stay of 1 night.

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