Individual reservations

Several different ways to enter reservations and cancel them

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There two different pages where you can enter an individual reservation:

  • on Reservations overview screen 

  • in the Calendar

Our existing users prefer to enter reservations directly in the Calendar, and there are two ways how to do it:

a) by selecting +Add reservation button above the Calendar

b) directly in the Calendar by clicking on the arrival date, and additionally selecting the rate plan to be used

In both cases a pop-up window will open where you will select arrival and departure date, reservation status (confirmed or an option, which is a provisional status), sales channel (for channels that do not offer two-way sync or for agencies you might work with), guests (number of adults and children and their names), rates per night, discounts, additional services and notes. 

Important note: each reservation can be modified / edited later on.

To modify an existing reservation just click on the reservation on the Calendar and select Edit reservation. In the same pop-up window you will have an option to Cancel reservation in the bottom left corner.

It is important to note that OTA reservations received via channel manager should be cancelled only on the channel where the booking was made. Cancellation of OTA reservations on Rentlio does not cancel the original reservation on the channel, but only increases the availability. If OTA reservation is first cancelled on Rentlio and after that on the channel by guest also, both actions would increase the availability on the channel and that would lead to potential overbooking. This is why we recommend avoiding this action on Rentlio.

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