Rates and availability - initial setup

Enter and edit rates & availability for longer periods

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In case you didn't set up your Unit types please read this article first.

Units assigned within the created unit types should now be added prices, availability and, if desired, a minimum stay. We do this directly on the calendar:

Important note: during initial setup please enter your maximum availability per unit type. Par example, if you have 3 double rooms enter availability 3 for that unit type. Later on you will add existing reservations on the Calendar which will automatically decrease your availability.

Click on the Unit Type name, a side right window opens where you can specify the period in which you want to update the data and assign the corresponding values. You can also click on the name of the price list (standard rate) and update prices and restrictions by period. Each time (in the case of multiple periods with different data) changes at the bottom must be saved.

Prices should be entered in the currency that is set on your channels and should be the same for all of the connected OTA channels. This is most often the Euro, because some online channels only allow price settings in Euros.

If you use sync with online channels, availability is a number indicating how many more accommodation units of this type are "open" for sale. This number is automatically matched to received / canceled / manually entered bookings, but You can also update it later in the same way as prices. Update also restrictions like minimum stay.

>> Check which rate plans Rentlio supports, how additional rate plans can be created and edited in this article.

You can also make date-specific changes by entering required values directly:

Please remember to save your changes.

Warning: be careful not to enter more rooms to sell than you actually have in that unit type. Otherwise you might get an overbooking.

Pro tip: Before submitting channel manager requests we advise you to enter rates and availability one year in advance. Do note that the rates and availability need to be entered for the minimum of 90 days before you can send connection requests for channel manager.

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