In the Rentlio app, there is one calendar for all OTA channels. It provides an intuitive and easy-to-use display of all bookings and information in one place. Price management and invoicing can also be done directly from the calendar. You can add new reservation directly into Calendar, as well as update it, cancel it or issue an invoice for it by simply clicking on the graphic display of the reservation. 

You access the calendar from the menu on the left side of the application. The calendar shows each unit type with the corresponding unit you assigned to it.
You can customize your calendar view with your own preferences - just click Settings in the upper right corner above the calendar to open the right side menu.

From the menu it is possible to select three levels of rows density on the calendar, the data with the reservation, the view depending on the status of check-in / check-out, the position and form of reservation; you can display or remove the raster and payment status, adjust the view and the form of reservation and display restrictions.

When you hover over the name of a specific rate plan, restriction or type of accommodation unit, a pencil icon will appear to the right of the name. Clicking on that pencil opens the update window to the right of the screen. If you want to change the availability, rates or minimum stay at the unit type level, click on the name of the Unit Type inside the calendar header (or pencil), which opens the settings of that type in the right side menu. Apply changes in the desired period, save them by clicking the Save Changes button and see the changes applied in your calendar.

If you select the name Standard rate from the header, you only edit the price and restrictions at the level of that unit type.

When defining a price, in addition to the classic setting of a new price for a certain period, you can increase or decrease the price relative to the current price by a certain nominal or percentage amount

Once you have entered the restrictions, you can easily remove them in the desired period by selecting Remove at the bottom of the menu.

What's special about the new look of the calendar is the management of multiple self-created rate plans on Rentlio - read more about managing multiple rate plans and restrictions directly on the calendar. Here's an example of how to update the following:

Directly on calendar you can enter the new reservation, or update one, cancel it or even issue the invoice by simply clicking on the reservation:

An additional benefit is the option to view all or just some unit types on your calendar. And within each unit type or rate plan, by clicking on the small arrow, a drop-down menu opens up with more details. 

By clicking on Select unit type, you can choose which types you want to see on your calendar and which ones you want to exclude from view:

You can see rate plan restrictions by selecting the arrow next to the rate plan's name directly on the calendar. A click on the name allows you to update them.

You can enter your reservation in several ways, directly in the calendar boxes or by selecting the options in the top left corner of your Rentlio calendar:

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