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New look and functionality of a small pop up window for reservation update
New look and functionality of a small pop up window for reservation update
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If you click the reservation on the calendar,  a small pop up window will appear with the details of the reservation itself.
The new and updated pop up window will provide more information and has numerous new options for you:

  1. Rentlio reservation ID: from now on for each reservation that enters into your Rentlio calendar a unique ID number will be allocated. This will help when communicating with our support team, searching for a particular reservation and it will also assist in communication among the team members of your own team.

  2. Changing the paid status of a reservation: if the guest paid all the expenses on the reservation, you will be able to mark this directly on a small pop up window. The reservation you have marked as PAID will have a green vertical line on the left hand side of the reservation. This way by simply glancing over the calendar  you will have the information of the guests that have outstanding balance. We will be updating this option and connect it with the issued invoices in the near future as well,  helping it to optimise this process a bit more.

3. Main navigation within a small pop-up window: you can now see the list of all issued invoices/offers for a particular reservation, reach guests card details and see all emails that have been sent over to the guest.

4. The note a guest left when placing a reservation is now highlighted and can not be edited any longer. For internal notes which are here for communicating within your team, we have developed a different option which will be discussed in section 7.  Up until now the notes from the guest were mixed with internal notes, which was unpractical, this is why we have decided to change it.

5. An option for adding new guests is now available within a small pop up window.

6. Check-in/check-out can now be handled directly from the calendar together with the additional option on the dashboard as up until now.

7. Part of navigation for adding internal notes, reminders and reservation cancelation:
if you have an internal note which is relevant to you and your team members, you can now create it by clicking on the PEN sign shown on the photo. This internal note will be shown separately on a small pop-up window, which will help to distinguish an internal note from a guests note. It is now possible to add a reminder as well by clicking on the bell sign 🔔.

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