When done with property setup in Rentlio, you are ready to activate Channel Management functionality. To activate the connection on the Channel manager screen, find the Booking.com channel and send us connection request by clicking "plus" in the upper right corner. We will process your request and contact you back through the chat within the application.

In order to successfully establish the connection, it is necessary to authorize the connection in your Booking extranet from the user side, and you can do this as follows:

  1. find the Channel Manager section by clicking Account Settings -> Channel Manager
  2. click "Connect your channel manager"
  3. select WuBook from the drop-down menu (start typing WuBook so it will show you as suggested)
  4. accept and confirm the terms of use at the bottom of the page
  5. continue to Step 3 (stay on that screen and let us know through the chat about it)

Rentlio Customer Support now can start mapping Room types and Rates from Rentlio with their corresponding pairs on Booking. Once the mapping is complete, we'll let you know through the chat about it.

You are now on Step 4 inside your Booking Extranet. By proceeding with confirmation you are coming to the last step and activating the connection.

Please let us know once you reach step 5. We will then start importing process of all your active reservations received through the Booking.com platform in Rentlio. Upon completion of reservation import, the connection process is done. Prices, availability and restrictions are sent from the Rentlio Calendar to Booking, and all new reservations you receive from Booking will arrive directly to the Rentlio Calendar.

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