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Channel manager
Establishing Expedia connection
Establishing Expedia connection

Connect your property to Expedia via Rentlio channel manager

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When done with property setup in Rentlio, you are ready to activate Channel Management functionality. To activate the connection on the Channel manager screen, find the Expedia channel and start the process by clicking "plus" in the upper right corner.

To proceed, enter Your Expedia ID and follow the steps on the screen.

Important: If Your property has Occupancy Based pricing You should first create Rentlio Occupancy based rate plan to be able to map it with the channel. Find out more about it in this help article.

Expedia Collect reservations might be received only with net price, without fee/taxes.

In order to successfully establish the connection, it is necessary to authorize the connection in your Expedia extranet from the user side, and you can do this as follows:

  1. find the Connectivity settings section by clicking Rooms and Rates > Expedia connectivity settings;

  2. click on the Edit field to select the provider;

  3. start typing Rentlio inside Provider for updating rates and availability and Provider for receiving reservations fields;

  4. save and continue.

Proceed with the mapping on Rentlio following the steps on the screen.

Important: Import of the future, active reservations is enabled only for those booked 30 days prior the connection with channel manager. If some reservations are not imported, we recommend to manually add them to Your Rentlio calendar.

When mapping is done on our end connection is activated.

Prices, Availability and Restrictions are being sent from Rentlio Calendar to Expedia, and all new reservations that you receive from Expedia will be delivered directly to your Rentlio Calendar.

Important: restriction "Min. Advance Reservation" and "Max. Advance Reservation" is not being sent towards Expedia channel, thus, it is necessary to request Expedia support to set the restriction "booking cut-off time".

If You wish to check, remap units and rates or disconnect the connection, select Property settings > Channel manager and click on edit pencil icon.

You will notice the disconnection button on the right side: ✅ I want to disconnect and Disconnect button.

After this, disconnect the connection also on Expedia Partner Central by selecting from the Menu: Rooms and rates > Connnectivity settings > Disconnect.

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