One-way connection via iCal

Learn what are the one-way connections and how to connect Rentlio with channels which support iCal

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With the help of iCal links, you can enable the channels which support one-way iCal connection to take over information about the availability from the Rentlio. One-way connection via iCal supports only synchronization of open/closed dates from Rentlio towards the channels. Price and minimum stay will still have to be manually updated on each channel which is connected in this way, and every reservation will have to be entered manually into Rentlio. After that, Rentlio will close availability on all connected channels. 

It is important to note that Rentlio is not sending the changes towards connected channels, but they periodically update their calendars with the help of iCal (they “pull” changes from Rentlio). Some channels do this every hour, and some only once a day. We advise you to check with each channel how often they update their calendars via iCal. 

In most cases sites that offer one-way connection work at request, so the process is the following: 

  • Guest sends the request through that site/channel

  • You check the request and decide to confirm it or to refuse it

  • As soon as you have confirmed the request, you enter the reservation manually to Rentlio in order to close the availability for that period on all of the other channels (of course, in case of the cancellation, you will have to cancel the reservation manually in Rentlio as well).

How to make an iCal link?

In the main menu, on the left side, click on Integrations, and open the iCal ticket. 

Choose Add new iCal

iCal link can be created on the Unit type level or individual Unit level, depending on your needs. Usually, for the purpose of connecting channels, you will use iCal on the Unit type level which shows only closed dates.  

How to connect a sales channel via iCal link?

Every channel has its own instruction on how to do it, but most often it comes down to copying the iCal link with the help of the “import calendar” option directly inside their interface. 

For more precise instructions check the “Help section” on the website of the channel you want to connect or contact their customer support. 

Important change: 

One iCal can be used on unlimited number of pages. There is no need to create separate iCal links for every sales channel. 

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