Create teams with different user rights, assign your employees to teams

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Your Rentlio account can be managed by several different people at once. To use this feature you have to set up teams, assign users to teams and give them (different) user rights. 

Click on the top-right icon in Rentlio and select Teams. Here you can create different teams by clicking Add New Team, you can invite new administrators by entering their e-mail addresses and edit rights for each created team.

The difference between administrators and team members:

  • administrator - has the same user rights as you, except some Integrations

  • team member - team members are assigned to teams, and each team has user rights predefined by you. You can allow them to view/edit only certain parts of Rentlio

When creating team you should:

  • name the team, par ex. "Reception"

  • choose property/properties - in case you have several properties in Rentlio you can choose which properties can be viewed/edited by certain team

  • add user rights - there are two rights, "view" and "edit". The difference is that editing rights allow team members to modify data, while viewing rights do not allow editing data. 

When you create and save a new team you have to invite team members to join that team. You do it by entering their e-mail addresses. Each team member will get an e-mail invite from Rentlio with a link. By clicking on the link and entering their (private) e-mail address and setting up password they will gain access to your property/properties. 

You can remove team members from the team by deleting their e-mail address on Teams screen and you can modify user rights for each team at any time. 

It is really important to make sure the time zones and other property information are set up correctly as the new team member sets up his Rentlio account. 

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