How to add other taxes

Add taxes to be applied on additional services / products

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If you are offering additional services or products that require specific taxes, here you can learn how to set them up in Rentlio.

In Property settings choose the tab Taxes and click on the Add new tax button:

When you click on Add new tax, options necessary to add new tax will appear: label, description and rate.

Label is an arbitrary entry which will help you identify the tax while issuing an invoice. For example, if you want to add a tax on transfer services, you can write TST

Description is also an abritrary entry that will serve you internally and help you identify different taxes.

Rate is a numeric value corresponding to the rate of the tax you are adding.

After you have added a new tax, you can create new additional services under the tab Services and add this tax to the service.

If you add an additional services when issuing an invoice, the additional tax will be calculated automatically for those services which contain added taxes. 

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