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How to set up invoices you will issue to your guests
How to set up invoices you will issue to your guests

Learn how to set up invoices, define currency, insert your logo...

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You can edit initial settings for guest invoices inside Property settings under the Invoices tab:

Invoice appearance:

  • Logo: upload your logo if you want to display it in the upper left corner of the invoice

  • Theme (colour): you can select a theme colour for your invoices and it will be applied to the generic fields of the invoice so it is aligned with your visual identity

  • Header text: text entered in this field will be visible in the upper right corner of all issued invoices; users usually enter general info about the company or property owner

  • Footer text: text to be displayed at the bottom of your invoice; mostly used to display general info about the property owner or the company running the property

Invoice settings:

  • Initial invoice number: starting number of your invoice count in Rentlio; For example, if you have been using another software before and you issued 10 invoices, you will enter 11 as your initial invoice number in Rentlio settings.

  • Exchange rate: invoices issued in Rentlio can display two currencies as once. If you want to, you can enable secondary currency and set its exchange rate. Your rates from calendar will be displayed on the invoice, along with the amounts in secondary currency. To enable it, simply select Yes next to "Show secondary currency on invoice, choose currency and enter exchange rate. In case you're setting HRK as secondary currency, it is mandatory to set a fixed exchange rate 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK. Don't forget to save :-)

  • Note: initial display of the Rentlio invoice contains all invoice elements prescribed by laws of the Republic of Croatia. However, you can easily hide certain fields if you don't need them or if they are not required by your country laws. Also, you can edit layouts of invoices, prepayment invoices, offers or cancellations separately. That way your invoices can have different notes than offers or cancellations.

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