One of the most frequently asked questions here in Rentlio is how to set up different rates for different channels. Commission percentages vary per channel, as their pricing models so this article will explain how to set up your rates correctly so your NET rates are the same after you pay commission and fees to channels. 

Rentlio Calendar supports only one rate. By having to manage only one rate you don't have to lose time on modifying each rate individually. Instead, you modify one rate and we take care of the rest. 

We can set up price differences between Rentlio and each channel and their rates. This helps you minimise human error mistakes and saves you a lot of time. 

Let's explain using an example:
Your property works with two online channels, ABC and XYZ. ABC charges you 15% commission from your selling rates, and XYZ 20% from your selling rates. Your nightly price in this example is 100EUR per night.

First thing you need to do is enter your NET rates to Rentlio, so 100EUR per night. These rate your NET rates excluding any commissions (so the rates that the guests pay when making a direct reservation or using your Rentlio Booking Engine). 

Before connecting you to channels you will calculate how much we need to increase your rates for that specific channel. Going back to channel ABC and their 15% commission means that we have to increase your rates by roughly 18% so your final NET rate after commission is 100EUR per night.
100EUR (your NET rate) + 18% = 118EUR selling rate on channel ABC
118EUR -15% (ABC commission) = 100.30EUR (your final NET rate after paying commission).

As you can see, we cannot achieve exactly the same NET rate. However, we can get pretty close. 

Important note: increasing or decreasing your rates for each channel has to be set up by Rentlio and percentages can be modified later on your request. 

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