Updating guest details manually

Learn how to manually enter guest data.

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When it comes to updating your guest details, scanning the documents using a smartphone is by far the quickest method. However, those who prefer to enter information by hand can follow simple steps outlined in this article.

There are several ways to enter guest details manually to Rentlio. We advise to edit each reservation through the Calendar. This will provide you with clear insight into the reservation details, including the guests' personal data, thus minimizing chances of potential mistakes.

Open the Calendar and select a reservation, then select Update and open the Guest Details tab. Open each guest and insert their personal information into belonging fields. When finished, don’t forget to save your changes for a successful update.

You can also gain access to guest details from the Dashboard or the Reservations tab. Input fields of each selected reservation will appear. You will then enter personal data in the same way as explained above.

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