Guest document scanner

How to use mobile document scanner?

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Open the Rentlio mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

There are 2 ways you can scan guest documents.

  • First option is quick access from the Dashboard:

  • Second option is by selecting reservation from the Calendar and using the button next to the existing Guest Name, or by clicking on the Add guest button:

Your camera will then be activated. Direct your camera to the part of the document that contains the MRZ code. You will see numbers among the ''<'' (less than) symbols. On ID cards, the MRZ code will be on the back. As with passports, you will find it right below the person's photograph.

Important: Make sure there is sufficient light in the room when scanning the documents, but not too much as it will reflect light rays on your camera lens. Each symbol has to be clearly visible for machine recognition.

After you've successfully processed the guest's document, the scan will appear on the guest list as part of the reservation you are updating.

Besides scanning original documents in real time, the system will also recognize images of documents you've previously received or taken yourself. Click the "Gallery" button to upload a document image that from your phone.

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