Rentlio Booking Engine (RBE) enables you to receive instantly confirmed reservations directly from your website in a simple, fast and secure way. Every reservation received through RBE is automatically synced with your Calendar, and with all connected online channels. Before guests makes a reservation they have to enter their credit card details as a guarantee, just like on any online channel. Screenshots below show how RBE looks like and steps needed to make a reservation.

Creating your Rentlio Booking Engine(s)

To access its settings please open Property Settings, then Booking Engine.
In order to successfully create RBE you have to set up your property first: create unit types, assign units to them and enter rates and availability.

Please note that rates entered to Rentlio will be synced to Rentlio Booking Engine. Those rates will be visible to guests. 

Start by filling out your Terms and conditions, then click on the drop-down menu and choose one of your unit types and click on "+New booking engine"

New booking engine for that unit type will be created below. If your website is translated into several languages you will have to create an individual booking engine for each language. All you have to do is select the language by clicking on its tick-box. 

You know how to create Rentlio Booking Engine, now learn how to implement it.

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