Minimum stay is a restriction that prevents guests in making short-duration reservations. Par example, if you set minimum stay to 3 nights, the guests won't be able to reserve 1-night or 2-nights stays in your property. Only guests who search for 3 or more nights will be able to make a reservation in your property.

You can set minimum stays in Property settings -> Units and rates. Before setting up minimum stay restrictions you have to create Unit types and assign units to them. 

Setting up minimum stay is very simple. Just click on Edit unit type and follow instructions in video:

You can also set minimum stays for longer periods. To do so, select the start date and end date, enter minimum stay and select Update.

Lastly, you can change minimum stays directly on the Calendar. Please read this article to learn how to do it there

Pro tip: you can change minimum stay, rate and availability all at the same time by typing correct values in appropriate boxes. Combinations are also possible. You can change rate and minimum stay without changing availability. In that case you wouldn't enter any values for availability (this would leave the original values for availability). 

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