In case you didn't set up your Unit types please read this article first.

Rates and availability are set in Property settings -> Units and Rates. Each unit type has its separate rates and availability so you have to enter them for each unit type. By selecting Edit unit type you can edit both rates and availability, with minimum stay at once. The procedure we will describe now is best used for setting up your property for the first time, or for loading rates and availability for next year. For shorter periods you can change all of this directly on the Calendar.

  • First row represents the dates
  • Second row are your rates. Currency in Rentlio should match your currency on online sales channels (par example if your work with and Expedia and have your rates entered in USD, then you should enter your rates in USD in Rentlio).
  • Third row is your availability. In case you use channel manager, availability is the number of units you have assigned to a specific unit type. Par example, availability 2 means that you have two units for sale for that date/period. Please note that availability is adjusted automatically for all synced reservations from online sales channels. You can modify it manually if necessary. 
  • Fourth row is Minimum stay

Important note: during initial setup please enter your maximum availability per unit type. Par example, if you have 3 double rooms enter availability 3 for that unit type. Later on you will add existing reservations on the Calendar which will automatically decrease your availability.

Entering rates, availability and minimum stays follows the same principle. For longer periods choose the start date and end date, enter price per night, rooms to sell and minimum stay and Update changes. 

You can also make date-specific changes by entering required values directly in the grid:

Please remember to Update your changes so they are saved. 

Warning: be careful not to enter more rooms to sell than you actually have in that unit type. Otherwise you might get an overbooking.

Pro tip: Before submitting channel manager requests we advise you to enter rates and availability one year in advance. Do note that the minimum is 90 days before you can send connection requests for channel manager.

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