Group reservations can be entered on Calendar or on Reservations overview. Since both are the same, we will explain how to enter reservations via Calendar.
Above the Calendar itself there is a button "+ group reservation".

By selecting it a pop-up window will appear, where you will:

  • select arrival and departure date
  • set reservation status to "confirmed" or "option" 
  • select the number of units your guests reserved (per unit type)
  • enter discount (if applicable)
  • enter details about the reservation holder (the person who made the reservation)
  • enter a note

When you save a group reservation, all selected units will be reserved at once. Guest name will be the same on all of them (so you can easily spot them on the Calendar. In case of modifications, you will have to manually change each reserved unit separately just like you would handle individual reservations. 

At the moment invoices for group reservations can be issued in two separate ways: either by issuing a separate invoice for each reserved unit, or by manually changing the invoice on first unit (by increasing quantity and adding new invoice items)

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