You can easily keep track of all issued invoices for your guests. Each invoice is displayed in a single row, and it contains date of creation, label, guest name, total amount and information whether it was paid or not.

 To access invoices just click Invoices in the left menu. 

You can easily sort the list - by modification date, invoice number, type, client name etc. Icon "arrow up" will sort invoices in ascending order, while "arrow down" will sort them in descending order. 

Also, you can filter invoices by selecting the "filter" icon. A drop down menu will appear with several options, and all you have to do is select them and click Filter.

In case you want to export invoices to PDF or Excel (Tax summary / Invoice items) just select the invoices you want by clicking the tick boxes or select all by clicking the blue tick box.  An "arrow" icon will appear with several options. 

Also, by hovering over the three-dot icon at each invoice row more actions will be displayed:

  • magnifying glass - view the invoice, print it or save as PDF
  • X - cancel the invoice
  • pen - edit the invoice
  • trash can - delete the invoice

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