You've checked out the demo property and now you're ready to start working on your own property? Perfect! Here is a quick step-by-step guide that will lead you through the setup of your property, units, and rates, preparing it to connect to the Channel Manager.

  1. Property
    In your property settings, please enter property details - property name, address, telephone number.

  2. Unit types and units
    Online reservation channels that support two-way connection to Rentlio, group accommodation units to unit types. E.g. if your property has two one-bedroom apartments with same rates you need to create one unit type in Rentlio. Name it "one-bedroom apartment" and assign two units, Apartment 1 and Apartment 2., Expedia, and various channels have the same methodology. You already understand this if you work with one of them. Please note that you can create unique names for unit types and units in Rentlio, they don’t have to match the names set on online reservation channels.

    We offer a two-way connection with Airbnb, but this channel has some exceptions. When creating a profile on Airbnb you create a Listing that matches one unit in Rentlio. Because of that, connecting Airbnb and Rentlio is done by connecting the Listing to Unit Type. This means that you will have to create one Unit type and add one Unit to it in Rentlio in order to connect it to Airbnb Listing.

  3. Rates and availability
    Please load your rates and availability in Rentlio - Settings - Units and rates - Edit unit type. Please note that units and rates are set on a Unit type level. Before connecting to online reservation channels we advise you to load  for one year in advance; however, 90 days is the minimum in order to activate the connection.

  4. Reservations
    Enter all active reservations, except reservations (we will import reservations automatically) up until today in Rentlio. When you activate the connection, all these periods will be closed automatically on connected online reservation channels. This is a mandatory step in order to avoid overlapped reservations and reopening of closed dates. When the connection is active, everything from Rentlio (rates and availability, reservations) will be sent to the connected online reservation channel.

  5. Channel Manager
    Please check all entered information and request a connection to the Channel Manager in order to connect Rentlio with online channels you are working with (, Expedia, AirBnb...).

And that's it! Sit back and relax :) We'll connect your property and get back to you.

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